Forward looking monthly summary of the latest economic, consumer and travel indicators, trends and analysis. This monthly member-only communication features the Travel Recovery Insights Dashboard as well as the latest data and trends affecting travel’s recovery. Analysis of the broader economy and its impact on travel will provide unique insights to help travel businesses make informed and timely decisions.

的 Travel Recovery Insights Dashboard developed in collaboration with Tourism Economics, is supported by more than a 20 data sources. 的 dashboard is the most comprehensive and centralized source for high-frequency intelligence on the U.S. 旅游行业, tracking industry performance, travel volumes and predictive indicators of recovery including air and lodging forecasts, DMO website traffic, convention and group trends, travel spending and losses, traveler sentiment, among others to measure the health of the industry.

Key March Highlights:

  • In February 2022, travel spending ($83 billion) was 6% below 2019 levels, an improvement from the omicron-led regression to -12% in January, and nearly back to December’s pandemic peak of “only” -4%
  • Nearly nine in 10 Americans (85%) are expecting to travel this summer—eight in 10 plan to travel in their personal vehicles and 46% plan to fly. Close to half (48%) plan to take two weeks or more time off
  • Close to six in 10 (59%) American travelers believe travel prices are too high right now and one third reported that high prices prevented them from traveling in the past month 
  • More than three-quarters (77%) of business travelers and 64% of employed Americans agree it is more important than ever to bring back business travel
  • Overseas travel to the U.S.—which improved from -78% (vs 2019) in October to -51% in December, but regressed to -65% in January due to omicron—remained 60% below 2019 levels in February

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